Operose, the word of the year 2018


Operose – done with or involving much labor/ industrious, as a person

   I was never the kind of person who makes a New Year’s resolution list not because I don’t have any plans or any things I want to accomplish but because I always ended up not being able to check all the items on the list, thing which made me feel like I failed.

   I learnt that making my resolutions measurable help in bringing them to reality. For exemple, before I was used to say that next year I want to read more, but now I am saying I want to read 36 books and this way of looking at things helps me to follow my progress. Also, now I know that I have to set goals that I can truly bring to life. It is easier to take baby steps which will lead you to your final destination, than to expect that something huge will happen overnight. For example, don’t say you want to become popular, but instead say you want to meet more new people and to enlarge your circle of acquaintances, thing which at some point may lead you to be popular.

   These being said, I want my 2018 to be a year during which I will work hard for my dreams and during which I will focus on becoming a better person. Here are some of my plans:

  • to allocate at least two hours per week to volunteering
  • to work at least six hours a week for my PhD thesis and for the other projects I’m involved in
  • to read at least three books during each month
  • to write at least one blog post per week
  • to try at least two new things every month
  • to go to as many museums as possible in every new place that I will visit
  • to take better care of my body
  • to spend at least one hour per week to improve my french
  • to attend at least two cultural events every month
  • to smile as much as possible
  • to stay true to myself

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