5 Tips for when you visit Morocco

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  Moroccans are very friendly and hospitable and you will meet a lot of nice people who will make your journey easier and memorable, but here are some things I learnt after the first month spent in Morocco.

1. Bonjour! Hola! Hello? Italian, spanish? Amigo!

 As I said, moroccan people are friendly and some of them very curious. You will stand out amongst the locals so a lot of eyes will focus on you and a lot of people will want to start a conversation with you. Some of them will be harmless, they just want to know where are you from and what is your country like but other can end up as marriage proposals in which case you must laugh it off.

2. Stay away from false guides

 First of all because they are illegal. Second of all they will act like they are your bestfriends and they want nothing in return for their favour but remember that a false guide is someone who gives travellers a tour of the city, in exchange for something: whether it is direct payment or spending money on leather bags, argan oil, etc. In 90% of the cases or even more there is the expectation of a purchase being made. Some of these guides may say they don’t want anything and then in the end they will ask you for money. If you refuse to pay them they can get verbally aggressive.

3. Petit Taxis

 These are the most common cabs in the city. Some of them have free counters which means that the driver will turn it on in the moment you start the ride and it increases by 0,3 dirhams. Other taxis have fixed routes which means there is an exact price you have to pay for getting from point A to point B. There are honest drivers too, but a lot of them will try to deceive you so the best way of avoid being over charged is to ask how much you will have to pay to get to your destination before entering the car.

4. The Language Barrier

 The common languages are Darija which is moroccan arabic and French. There isn’t a huge number of people who are able to talk in english so before coming to visit the region you should learn some basic phrases either in french, either in arabic.

5. Don’t wander in Medina during night

 An evening walk in Medina could seem an excelent idea especially when the temperatures during day are very high. Enjoy the walk but try to remember your way back because after the shops will be closed you won’t be able to remember the way and you can consider yourself officially lost.

10 thoughts on “5 Tips for when you visit Morocco”

  1. morocco has always been on my bucket list not only because i heard that it’s beautiful there, but also it’s free visa for indonesian passport holder like me. 😀

    i got a lot of flight to morocco but never with a layover. 🙁

    1. Yes, it is totally worth seeing. It is the most diverse country I have ever visited: it has coastlines along the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, mountains, desert; the culture is incredible and the people are very friendly, so what can a traveler ask for more? If the Visa free policy works the same as for me, than you can spend 3 months there without a Visa

    1. Yes, you should definitely visit Morocco, it is an amazing country. I would like to visit India as well, but when I will do it I want to spend at least one month there. My goal is to visit it before I turn 27 haha

    1. Being in Morocco is always a nice experience. Haha, yes, be very careful about the answers… I am joking, you just have to see the funny part in each situation and everything will be fine

    1. It is better to ask for the price before you get in the taxi. There are a lot of honest taxi drivers, but unfortunately there are also some who want to decieve you but this is a problem present worldwide, not only in Morocco

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